Fun Kids is a radio station for children under 11 and their families. Within that there are three distinct audiences that we think about:

  1. Pre-schoolers
  2. 6 to 11s
  3. Parents

The vast majority of our focus is on catering for 6 to 11s, and within that programming we think of a 9 year old at the centre.

In tone you should think about the CBBC broom cupboard, Dick and Dom and Ant and Dec. Our presenters are older brothers and sisters to our audience – they’re cooler, fun, do exciting things and know a bit more than the audience. They’re the sort of people kids want to be when they grow up. The whole family tunes in, but we want the station to be aspirational and never sound too young.

Predominantly Fun Kids is a music radio station playing tunes from Ariana Grande, the Greatest Showman, Little Mix and Olly Murs. Like this:

As well as music and presenter links the radio station broadcasts a whole host of short-form speech throughout the schedule. This can include interviews, entertainment features and mini educational series.

The educational series are usually the results of brand partnerships or third party funding. Generally these have been written and produced in-house. Here’s a few examples:

Really? Jobs from the Past

Digital Dental Depositary

Deep Space High

The Audio Content Fund potentially allows us to be more ambitious with the content that we put on-air. We have some thoughts about what we would like, but we’re also open to new ideas from independent producers.

Our first ACF commissioned show was a drama series called The Space Programme, here’s the first episode:

We had a factual commission in the form of a twice-weekly sports show:

In Story Explorers we connected a famous author with school kids:

In Captain Bobo we had a serialised tale, narrated by John Sessions